State of Florida

The Department of Environmental Protection has the primary role of regulating public water systems in Florida. Authority derives from Chapter 403, Part IV, Florida Statutes and by delegation of the federal program from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Department has promulgated a number of rules in the Florida Administrative Code.

And the digging of water wells, both public and private, and the quantities of water that may be extracted, are regulated by the Water Management Districts.

Northwest Florida Water Management District

The Northwest Florida Water Management District works with state and federal agencies and local governments to achieve its mission through four primary functions, pursuant to Chapter 373, Florida Statutes.

1) Water Supply - Ensuring a clean and adequate supply of water for the people and natural resources of the regions in Northwest Florida.

2) Water Quality - Working to protect, maintain and improve the quality of water resources across the panhandle of Florida.

3) Flood Protection - Promoting flood protection through non-structural techniques.

4) Natural System Protection - Protecting and improving natural systems in Northwest Florida through land acquisition, management and ecosystem restoration activities.

Pollock Well Drilling, Inc. follows best practices and adheres to all required regulations when working on water wells. We also take pride in looking after our natural resources here in North Florida and hope you will, too. Be sure to checkout the useful resources on the Northwest Florida Water Management District site.


Water Well Drilling.

Pollock Well Drilling, Inc. is a full service well drilling & service company with the expertise you need to tackle your water well project. And when we say tackle, we mean the whole project or any part of it. Drilling of the actual bore hole is one of many aspects that we do often for our clients.

Once the bore hole is drilled for the water well, a casing is used to line the hole and construct the well. The well casing can vary greatly, with the most common materials used being Plastic Piping, Carbon Steel Piping and Stainless Steel. The use of any casing is regulated and dependent on the geologic conditions within your land. There are many factors to consider when planning & constructing a new water well, so please consult with an expert, such as ourselves, Pollock Well Drilling, Inc. early in the process. Read more on our Water Well Drilling page.

Water Quality.

Pollock Well Drilling, Inc. are experts in the testing & treatment of well water (ground water). Because there are such wide ranges of water quality, you must get involved in the testing & treating of your water so that your well water is safe for consumption. The most common problem with well water is hard water, which is often the cause of heavy minerals like Magnesium. You want to know what's in your water even if it looks & smells okay, so always test & treat accordingly.

Since well water can house all sorts of surprises, testing allows us to see what's hidden and dial in your preference for hard or soft water. And we can remove unpleasant cloudiness and/or foul odors from your water and make that tall glass of ice water crisp & refreshing - like nature intended!

Your water should be a source of health & happiness, not a mysterious hazard. Call a professional water quality company like, Pollock Well Drilling, Inc, and be in the know. Read more on our Water Quality page.

Pump Repairs.

Pollock Well Drilling, Inc. perform repairs & general maintenance for water well pumps, pressure tanks, and all other equipment associated with the operation of a water distribution & pressurization. If you have low water pressure, air hissing & spitting, and/or any signs of dirt - you are need of some maintenance, if not emergency repairs.

Problems with your water well pump will not fix themselves and little problems quickly grow into major catastrophes. It is important to have someone paying close attention to the various components of your well, and being on call for those unpleasant emergency breakdowns. Pollock Well Drilling, Inc. carries a solid supply of quality pumps and water pump parts & accessories. Read more on our Well Pump Repair page.  

Water Systems.

Pollock Well Drilling, Inc. offers professional water system design, installation, maintenance and monitoring. If it's used to distribute water, filter water, pressurize water - we are experienced and proficient in the operation of it. From irrigation to agricultural to residential homes, we can provide assistance to you and solve those difficult or tedious tasks you simply don't want to do. 

We work in a friendly & efficient manner, and we apply all state regulations & standards to everything we do. We are located in Panama City, Florida for fast response times, so give us a call today and we'll be on the way. Read more on our Water Systems page.