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Your water  quality has a direct effect to your health & well-being.

And you will want to make careful plans with your property layout if utilizing a water well. Did you know that there is an isolation zone for septic tanks so that your well is not too close? Yes, since a septic tank leaches, you will want plenty of space between it and your water well. And your water well needs to have certain setbacks from your home, garage, and neighboring hazards.

No groundwater is the exactly the same and testing is the only foolproof way of knowing what's in your water. Contact us today for a free, no hassles water quality consultation.


Water Quality

Crisp & Refreshing Water.

Pollock Well Drilling, Inc. are water quality experts that can test & treat your water source.

  • Water Softeners
  • Sulfur Water Treatment
  • Chlorination/De-Chlorination
  • Aeration Systems
  • Treatment System Service & Repair
  • Water Filters
  • Water Treatment Supplies

Getting access to a new water is exciting but it is vital that the water is tested for water-borne illnesses, Bactria and other unwanted pestilences. Once testing is complete, we can treat your water and bring it into a healthy balance for your family to enjoy. It may not need anything at all, but we won't know unless we test it.

Depending on your use and desired outcome, we may recommend a water softener system to correct your water. Water softeners are used to remove unwanted hard minerals and iron. These minerals create damage to plumbing fixtures and stain sinks. If your water has a unpleasant odor, we may utilize a chlorination/de-chlorination water treatment to neutralize and eliminate the smell, which can ruin a healthy glass of water for most of us. Water purification systems make your water perfectly delicious & healthy for human consumption.

There are many issues with water quality that Pollock Well Drilling, Inc. can easily handle with care for you. As true professionals, it is our pleasure to serve your family quality drinking water. Please contact us for a free water consultation so we can better assess your water treatment needs.


Water Well Tip: A new water well must be tested & treated before being put to use. There could be dangerous gases or unhealthy parasites that can put your family in harm's way. Always consult with qualified, professional water well company and know what is in your water before sampling.