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Since having quality drinking water is crucial for human life, being able to pull ground water up through a well is pretty profound. Humans need quality water and have sought it through dug water wells since at least 7,000 BC, according to Israeli archaeological excavations.

With such a steep history, the craft of water wells have been refined and perfected over the centuries. There have been many great advancements in water wells construction, with one of them being the ability to use truck-mounted heavy equipment to bore holes into the ground precisely where we want one. Drilling is now the preferred way to construct a water well.

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Water Well Drilling

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There are several different types of water wells in use today, but the common goal of them all is to raise quality water from the ground for irrigation, drinking or watering purposes.

This is accomplished by drilling a hole (bore hole) into the ground and constructing a water well. Once the bore hole is drilled for the water well, a casing is used to line the hole and prepare it for the well pump. The well casing can vary greatly, with the most common materials used being Plastic Piping, Carbon Steel Piping and Stainless Steel. The use of any casing is regulated and dependent on the geologic conditions within your land, which is another great reasons to consult a qualified professional.

Pollock Well Drilling, Inc. are qualified professionals in shallow & deep water well drilling. From concept to completion - or a quick service call - we are here to assist. We can install your new well, and handle everything for you, or help the do-it-yourselfers with a problem. It's our job, it's our life, and it's certainly our pleasure!


Water Well Tip: The Well Casing protects and supports the walls of your water well, along with sealing out contaminants, and giving access to the ground water source deep below. Inspect & Repair the casing and seal cap for any breaches, cracks or damage to prevent an unexpected loss of water.